Canadian Mattress Sizes and Bed Size Dimensions Guide

What Mattress Size in Canada is Right for You?

Having a good night's sleep is fundamental for your health - and your mattress size can determine whether you'll sleep right every night or wake up on the wrong side of the bed every morning. That's how important choosing your mattress is!

There are three things you need to keep in mind before you choose the right mattress:

First, make sure the size is right. A lot of people choose their mattresses based on their height - only to find out they don't fit right in their bed at night! Having a small mattress is the number one problem most people face, and you don't want to suffer through it. Always pick a mattress that's bigger than you, especially if you're not sleeping alone.

Second of all, make sure your mattress will fit in your bed's frame. You should buy a mattress big enough for you to be comfortable in - but never one that's so big that it won't fit in your bed's frame! Measure the frame right before you buy a mattress. If you want something bigger, you'll have to buy another frame.

Finally, make sure the mattress is comfortable. There are mattresses out there that are no good for your back! Saving a little money is okay, but don't be cheap when it comes to your next mattress. A high-quality mattress is a game-changer!

Mattress Sizes and Bed Dimensions in Canada

There are seven different mattress sizes in Canada. It starts small at a Crib Size bed and ends up with the biggest of them all, the California King Size bed.

  • Crib: It's 28 x 51 inches (or 71x129 cm). This one is not for adults or teenagers, but babies.
  • Twin (or Single): 38 x 74 inches (or 96 x 189 cm). Twin beds are usually made for kids and teenagers.
  • Twin XL (or Single XL): 38 x 79 inches (or 96 x 202 cm). Twin XL beds are for tall teenagers or adults.
  • Full (or Double): 53 x 74 inches (or 134 x 189 cm). Full beds are for single adults who like the space or couples who like to share.
  • Queen: 60 x 79 inches (or 152 x 202 cm). Queen beds are perfect for couples who like some space between them.
  • King: 76 x 79 inches (or 193 x 202 cm). King beds are perfect for couples with kids or pets.
  • California King: 72 x 84 (or 183 x 213 cm). California King beds are made for people who like plenty of space to sleep.

Twin Size Bed

The Twin Size Beds are 38 x 75 inches (or 97 x 189 cm). It's perfect for teenagers who have outgrown their old beds or adults. It's also great for people who prefer to live a minimalistic lifestyle and want to use as little space as possible in their house.

This is the go-to mattress for bunk beds, guest room beds, and dorm rooms. If you have no trouble sleeping in a small space, this is the perfect mattress for you. Budget-wise, it's the best option. Then again, if you're taller than average, you may need something bigger.

Twin XL Size Bed

Twin XL Size Beds are 38 x 80 inches (or 96 x 203 cm). Don't let the name fool you, though. The Twin XL is not that bigger than an average Twin bed. It's a few inches taller, nothing else.

If a Twin bed is a little short, the Twin XL is the right one for you. Otherwise, you may want to jump all the way to a Full Size Bed.

Twin XL beds are also great to have a DIY King Size bed. Two Twin XL Size beds will fit perfectly in a King Size bed frame.

Full Size Bed

Full Size Beds are 54 x 75 inches (or 137 x 189 cm). If you like to move around your bed or if you have a pet that likes to sleep right next to you, the Full Size bed is the go-to option.

This bed is also great if someone comes over occasionally - but not the one you want to buy if you're living with someone else.

If you're planning to share your Full Size bed with a pet or your significant other, you can. If you want to share with both of them all the time, you may run a little tight and may need a Full XL instead.

Full XL Size Bed

Full XL Size Beds are 54 x 80 inches (or 137 x 203 cm). This type of bed is perfect for people who are comfortable in Full Size beds but feel like they need a little extra wiggling room for their legs.

This is usually the go-to bed for people who share their bed with someone else and has a small pet sleeping at the bottom of the bed. It's also a great choice if you love to move around your bed, though!

The Full XL might not look that different from your average Full Size bed - but you will understand there's a huge difference between them when you try each one.

Queen Size Bed

A Queen Size Bed is 60 x 80 inches (or 152 x 203 cm). This is the most popular model out of all mattresses - and there's a reason for that: it's the perfect combination of space, size, and cost. It's the cheaper bed out of all the big mattresses and it's big enough for a couple to share.

Keep in mind a Queen Size bed needs enough space to fit in your room comfortably. When you start thinking about buying a bigger bed, you need to figure out whether you can fit it in your house first. Sometimes, less is more!

King Size Bed

A King Size Bed is 76 x 80 inches (or 193 x 203 cm). A King Size bed is the same as two Twin XL beds - so you know this is big enough for active sleepers, couples, and pets!

It's a huge mattress that will allow you to move freely if you're alone or sleep comfortably if you are sharing with someone else.

If a pet or a child comes over to sleep with you now and then, there's no problem! In a King Size bed, there's room for everyone.

Remember to make sure a King Size bed fits in your room before you buy one.

How to choose the mattress size for you or your family

When it's time to choose your next mattress, there are four things you need to keep in mind before you make a decision: your height, your sleeping partner, your room size, and your budget.

Some of them cannot be changed, like your height or room size. You can be looser with others, like your budget. Either way, you need to weigh all four before making a purchase.

Your height

Believe it or not, height plays an important role in your bed Size. Most tall people have slept in a bed with their feet hanging outside the bed frame - but it doesn't have to be this way!

If you're taller than average, you should consider a Twin XL bed for starters. If you're really tall, a King Size bed will be more than enough to help you sleep comfortably, from head to toes.

For shorter people, there's no need to go out of your way for something bigger than a Twin or a Twin XL. Both of these bed sizes are more than enough.


Your sleeping partner

If you're sleeping alone, a Twin XL bed or a Full bed is more than enough for you. Plenty of people don't sleep on their own though, they have someone else with them in their bed!

If you're sharing your bed, you need to consider your sleeping partner's size and what kind of a sleeper they are. For couples, a Queen Size bed is a great place to start.

For someone sharing their bed with a pet, a Full XL is a good starting point.


Your room size

Everyone would love to sleep in a California King Size bed - but sometimes we simply can't fit one in our room. Before you buy any kind of bed, make sure you have enough room to put it there.

You shouldn't buy a bed that fits just right either. You need to have plenty of space around your bed for you to live comfortably. If there's not enough room for the bed you want, buying something a little smaller won't hurt.


Your budget

The bigger the mattress, the more money you'll have to pay. This is intuitive but also worth mentioning. If you're thinking about buying a bigger bed, you need to keep in mind it'll be a more expensive one. There's always a deal around the corner, though. If you're patient, you'll find it!



All in all, there's a perfect bed size for everyone willing to look for it.Remember to choose the right one for you - because the quality of your sleep is really important!

If you're sleeping alone, you should consider a Twin or a Twin XL Size bed. If you're taller than average, a Full Size bed will be enough for you. If you prefer extra legroom, go for a Full XL Size bed.

If you're sleeping with your pet, you have to think about buying a Full Size bed or something bigger. If you're sleeping with a large pet, a Full XL may be the one for you both.

For couples, you have to start at a Queen Size bed at least. That's usually enough for two people. If you want more space, a King Size bed or two Twin XL Size beds put together will be perfect.

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