BedStory believes that a good night's sleep is essential in our life. With a true passion for better sleep, we created BedStory to make premium mattresses & beddings to give you the best night ever.

How BedStory Begins

When you are trying to be good for all, please prepare to be God.

Two engineers has been involved bedding industry for 40 years & they wanted to make a difference in people's sleeping.

They managed to find the solution to the most people-concerned sleeping problems and get products online.

BedStory was created for making people enjoy their life through good night's sleep

To Make Your Bedroom Perfect

BedStory is standing out in price, quality, customer service & support




Maximum Comforts for Everyone

BedStory mattresses is designed for maximum comforts. The unique hybrid mattress structure, and pure memory foam mattress, hypoallergenic surface cover, memory foam layer and convoluted foam layer provide maximum airflow and comfort. The memory foam layer conforms perfectly to the natural curve of your body and alleviates the pressure points.

Mattresses That Inspired

When we are developing our mattresses - we are building soft models, medium models and firm models. Then we are checking both for comfort, support, quality. Then we check it with all categories of sleepers. We are choosing 95% category of sleepers choice medium firm mattresses to make sure this mattress is fit for the most of the different sleepers.

A Good Night's Sleep is Essential

Having been involved in the mattress industry for 40 years, BedStory knows how to make premium mattresses at a fair price for everyone. That’s why we created BedStory, a sleeping expert who helps you sleep better at night, and makes you more energetic and productive during your waking hours.

Quality Manufacturing and Materials

Advanced technology

We have a team of sleeping experts who are endeavor to make people sleep better~ We did amount of researches, and asked our customers for in-depth feedback to improve our design, and we are continue to doing so.

Premium material

Our premium memory foam mattress layers are comfort layers targeted for pressure relief, providing a softer feel and conforming to body contour. It can relieve pressure points beneath your shoulders, hips, and legs for better spinal alignment.

Strict quality control

With more than 40 years experience in bedding industry, our factories adhere to the strictest quality and production protocols under international regulations. We are confident to provide 100% satisfied products to our customers.

Ready for Better Sleep Now

It’s time to meet the BedStory mattresses. Get your best night ever!
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